Types of Cellular Service

Basic Cellular

Basic cellular (or ruggedized) phones provide voice communications, the ability to text and in some new phones, internet services such as web browsing, instant messaging and email.


A Smartphone / PDA is a handheld computing device that allows you to make telephone calls as well as store, organize, delete and access information. This all-in-one device can act as a cell phone, PDA, and portable web browser. They can typically view and sometimes edit documents.

Smartphones can also synchronize with your UConn Exchange email account as well as track your calendar, contacts and tasks from your UConn Exchange email account.

Direct Connect/Push to Talk

A Direct Connect/Push-to-Talk system is similar to using a walkie-talkie.  You can only direct connect/push-to-talk to other users with the same type of device/service.  You can restrict the device to direct connect/push-to-talk or you can use it for making regular calls as well.  Direct Connect/Push-to-Talk service can be obtained through Sprint and Verizon.

Data Services (Mobile Broadband)

Now you have a choice with the data service you require on iPads and Laptops to work efficiently outside the office.

These choices are:

  1. “NEW” - Data service on a specific iPad or Laptop.
  2. “Continued” - Data service on a USB air card OR data service on a Mobile Hotspot where 5+ devices can WiFi into the Hotspot.
  3. “Continued” – Mobile Hotspot feature can be added to an existing smartphone to be used as a WiFi Hotspot.

Monthly charges are the same for choices 1 and 2.  Choice 3 is an additional feature charge to the existing monthly charges on the smartphone.
Please refer to the rate plan pages on our web site for pricing.

International Services

Before you travel abroad, be sure you know what international services you need in order to receive the best rates. Also, it is imperative that you request the rate change at least 3 business days prior to traveling to ensure the changes are made and validated.

Please direct any questions regarding cellular service purchases to
UITS Cellular Services at 486-4357